Energy Control is a Spanish harm reduction project for recreational drug users. Since 1997, we develop harm reduction projects and, since then, we have been recognized and acknowledged by local, national and European institutions. Our Drug Checking Service, originally focused on Spanish drug users, is a pioneer project that provides identification and quantification of drug samples destined for personal use, harm reduction advice for users, allows a continual follow-up of trends in the illegal drug market and provide warnings in case of incidences that involve significant health risks.

Since 2013, Energy Control has expanded its activity abroad. From April 2013 an on-line health advice and information service about drugs and health has been offered by a Family Physician from our staff ( Dr.Fernando Caudevilla, a.k.a. DoctorX) in different Deep Web forums. In March 2014 we launched our International Drug Testing Service, expanding this program internationally with the same philosophy and objectives.


Now we launch our official International Energy Control webpage. We will periodically publish information about drugs from a harm reduction perspective in our news section , that will be open to user’s suggestions and participation. Detailed information about our International Drug Testing Service  is provided, including an automatic system to send samples to drug testing , payable with Bitcoin, Paypal or Bank Transfer. The section  DoctorX Files  will offer a reviewed, edited version of Question&Answers  from different Deep Web Forums related to drugs and health. Finally, in our Research  page you will find our most relevant contribution to scientific research.

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