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Buspirone interacion whith some drugs

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  im on a new anxiolytic called buspar (buspirone), and i was wondering if it’ll have any interactive effects with marijuana, MDMA, DMT, or LSD???   There are no studies available about clinical interactions between buspirone and psychedelic drugs. Buspirone acts partially on serotoninergic receptors 5-HT1A and decreases effects of serotonin-releasing drugs as fluoxetine. So it is possible that effects of MDMA, DMT or LSD should be diminished. In theory, effects of marijuana should not...

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Drugs in supraventricular tachycardia

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  I have a friend who has/suffers from Supra ventricular tachycardia. He’s had a few attacks in his life and is in the process of seeing experts about his heart. The recent scans he has had have actually shown that his heart is fine and healthy apart from some ‘faulty wiring’ (which I don’t quite understand) and an ablation could be done to fix that. It’s worth noting he suffers from quite bad anxiety at times and I personally believe this could be the possible cause but doctors don’t seem to accept or address that. Anyway to the question, for someone who...

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MDMA adverse effects

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  I brought some MDMA a while ago and have since not took it again I am not sure if I OD or not but basically I was starting to come up which was aboustely amazing but then as soon as I got in the taxi on the way to the clubs i started excessive sweating where my light blue shirt was literally soaked and i was going hot and cold by the time I got to the club I just couldn’t handle it my heart was beating very hard was struggle to get my breath so I decided to head back and have a cold shower but I was like this for around a hour and half where I thought I felt like I was literally...

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MDMA and NBOME dosages

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  For someone who hasn’t used Ecstasy in 8 years and has never taken pure MDMA, what would you suggest as a dosage? What if this person wants to mix it with an NBOMe? Is that stupid? How much of each?     Clinical trials with MDMA in humans use dosages between 80-150 mg. In healthy persons with no medical contraindications, that should be considered the reasonable dosage. On the other hand, there are no clinical trials with NBOMEs in humans. In fact there are only a few studies on cloned neurorreceptors of rabbits and pigs (no joking). Using NBOMEs is potentially far more dangerous...

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Pill database

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  Does anyone know where i can find a European pill identifier ? Can’t find one anywhere…     You can try here:   “Analisis sustancias””>>> “Resultados” It is necessary to register to access the pdf files  

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