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Isotretinoin and recreational drugs

Posted on Nov 14, 2017 in Doctor X files, Drug interactions

  If  I take Isotretinoin, it’s safe to use LSD, Psylocibin, DMT, weed and alchool? How often is to often to take LSD and DMT? What are harms of DMT? It’s a problem if I take microdose of LSD (15ug) one or two times in a week?     Alcohol (and, with less probability psylocibin) is the only drug strictly contraindicated with isotretinoin. Rest of the substances listed are safe to use while in treatment with isotretinoin. Using psychedelics is like going to Disneyworld (in case you like Disney characters, of course). First times are amazing but if you go to often you...

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Psychedelic use and teeth pain

Posted on Nov 9, 2017 in Doctor X files, Drug interactions

  For tooth pain, would it be safe to use a topical cream such as Orajel when taking LSD & 2cb?     Topical creams should not interact with psychedelics. But psychedelics can have an impact in pain and body sensations. It may diminish them, change them, increase them or give another significance. If you have ever been on psychedelics you know what I mean. I think this factor should be considered in your case. If possible, it is better to use psychedelics in the best physical state possible....

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Hyperthyroidism and drug use

Posted on Nov 8, 2017 in Doctor X files, Drugs and diseases

  I’ve posted a couple times about rapid heart palpitations I’ve been getting recently. I don’t believe it’s drug related, all I’ve been doing is LSD, psilocybin and DMT. I had been taking Adderall but cut it out when this started.I got into a free clinic and was told my problem could be hyperthyroid. That also happens to run in my family (my mother had to get the radioactive iodine treatment to kill hers).  They said my thyroid was slightly englarged (no nodules though) and I HAVE been feeling a slight tightness in my neck right over the gland...

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LSD, MDMA and sildenafil interactions

Posted on Oct 31, 2017 in Doctor X files, Drug interactions

  Is it safe having sildenafil with lsd or mdma pills?     There are no reported cases of severe toxicity mixing MDMA or LSD and sildelnafil. The combination is “probably” (but not “absolutely”) safe. The risk of problems or adverse effects depends on dosage, timing, previous experience with both substances and personal characteristics. It is possible (at least theoretically) some “rebound” effect between vasoconstrictor properties of amphetamines and vasodilator of sildenafil. Moderate dosages of both substances diminish the risk of...

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The detection and prevention of unintentional consumption of DOx and 25x-NBOMe at Portugal’s Boom Festival

Posted on Oct 25, 2017 in News

This article describes the misrepresentation of LSD at Portugal’s Boom Festival 2014 and the prevention of unintentional consumption of DOx and 25x-NBOMe among LSD consumers attending a drug-checking service. We found that the majority of service users who received unexpected test results regarding their alleged LSD (74.2%) reported that they did not intend to consume the drug....

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