How long does it take to receive results?

This varies on several factors: the country you are sending your sample from, the speed of postal services and also our work load. Normally users can expect to receive results within 7-21 days, on average.

How do you calculate your test results?

Our results directly provide the result of the salt of the substance, as we’re using a salt as a reference standard. The quantitative results are provided using a calibration curve from a reference standard.

I have a sample similar to one that has been previously tested by your service. Is the test result valid for both?

Our drug testing service is specifically designed for final users. The results we offer are only valid if the sample used is exactly the same as the sample tested previously. None of our results can be used as a quality guarantee from any drug vendor or product. Energy Control declines all responsibility in this sense.

I have had a test result from a MDMA sample. It says it is 80% purity with no other adulterant or active substance. What is the remaining 20%?

We can detect and identify all active substances present in a sample (both main substances and their adulterants, as well as any byproducts), the remainder are impurities from a not-so-clean synthesis (since maintaining a laboratory clean and hygienic while is one of the highest costs for any lab, and unfortunately clandestine labs don’t have to comply with either regulations or quality control). The sample may also contain some diluent; these are non-active substances (like salts or sugars) that are added to the sample to increase the volume. In any case these produce no effects, and are harmless.

What is the process followed when testing a sample?

First of all, we perform a qualitative analysis, a sort of “screening”, in order to detect and identify all active substances present in a sample (main substance, their adulterants, as well as any byproducts). Then we perform a qualitative analysis on each component identified where possible, comparing each substance with a pure reference standard. We have pure reference standards for many drugs but not for every possible substance, as they are pretty expensive, so we acquired the most relevant ones and try to add new ones whenever we are in a position to.

Can I send different samples together in the same envelope?

Of course. You can send several samples together in the same envelope; just make sure each of them is correctly labeled with its own code separately, so we can identify them when they arrive.

Do you publish your test results on your website?

We don’t post any of the international results on our website. Data from test results can be used for research purposes but no personal data is used in this sense. In the regretful case where we detect a dangerous adulterant, we quickly publish a warning, but we never use any personal data, not even e-mail from the sender. The results uploaded to our website are from samples tested in Spain by local users of the service, to give an insight of what is going on related to recreational drugs among Spanish users. Also, it is very important to take into consideration that international drug laws are different in each country and some users are concerned about that, so we just keep it strictly confidential. However, you can take a look at Spanish results: http://energycontrol.org/analisis-de-sustancias/resultados/ultimas-muestras-analizadas.html

What happens if a sample does not arrive or it is seized by customs?

If a sample doesn’t arrive to our offices we offer full refund (or offer the possibility to test another one in the future).

Can you offer any kind of discount?

Unfortunately we can’t offer any discounts at the moment, our current price barely covers testing costs which allow us to maintain the service open.

Can I receive my test result quickly if I pay an extra?

Unfortunately we can’t offer express testing right now (even with payment). We don’t have the means to make such service available for everyone, and the price we’d have to set in order to make it possible wouldn’t be popular… Instead we’re trying to expedite all the results we can (unfortunately it’s not possible with all kinds of substances) so that when possible, users get their results in less than a week instead of our given standard time. From a harm reduction perspective it makes more sense to us ­čÖé

What is the best way to test cannabis? Which cannabinoids do you detect?

We detect all cannabinoids present, but we only quantify the % of THC, CBD, CBG, THCV and CBN, these being the most relevant ones Results from cannabis tests from the same plant may show some variation. The thing that affects the variability of test results the most is which part of the plant you get for testing. To try to reduce that to the minimum, for example our recommendation is to pick that 0.2gr from different parts of the plant: a bit from the top, a bit from the middle, a bit from the bottom; so the result is representative of the entire plant. Nonetheless, keep in mind when using that if you cut and mix all the flowers together then the content will be the same as the test. If you don’t, remember that higher parts of the plant usually have a higher % of THC than those at the bottom.

My test result regarding an LSD sample says it contains LSD and Iso-LSD. What is the last one?

Iso-LSD appears to be a degradation product from LSD. That is to say, that old blotters and/or kept in bad storage conditions are more likely to have more Iso-LSD. It is always tested for, so if it is not mentioned in the results then it’s not present.

Can you detect dextro- and levo- isomers in a methamphetamine or ketamine sample?

We can’t differentiate isomers with our current methods (not for meth, not for ketamine, not for any substance), you’d need something like NMRI or chiral techniques. We use GC/MS and LC/MS without chiral columns or derivatizations.

Can you analyze steroids?

Unfortunately, we can’t test steroids right now, but you can contact us to let us know you are interested, so we can send an update in case we make it available in the future.

Can you send me someone else's results?

We can only send test results to the person who sent the sample, for confidentiality reasons. If they want us to share their results with you, it has to be them to send us an email asking this.

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