How long does it take to receive results?

This varies on several factors: the country you are sending your sample from, the speed of postal services and also our work load.

Normally users can expect to receive results within 7-21 days, on average, since we receive the sample in our headquarters in Barcelona.

Can I send different samples together in the same envelope?

Yes. Just make sure each of them is correctly labeled with its own code separately, so we can identify them when they arrive.

Will you share my personal data with other people or institutions?

Our service is anonymous and confidential. We will never share any personal data (including e-mail) with anyone else. We follow a strict data protection policy.

Data from test results can be used for research purposes but no personal data is used in this sense. In the regretful case where we detect a dangerous adulterant, we quickly publish a warning, but we will never reveal any info about the sender.

What happens if a sample does not arrive or it is seized by customs?

If a sample doesn’t arrive to our offices we offer full refund (or offer the possibility to test another one in the future).

Can you offer any kind of discount? Can I receive my test result quickly if I pay an extra?

We can’t offer any discounts or offer express testing right now at the moment. Our current price barely covers testing costs which allow us to maintain the service open.

And we do not have the resources to make an express testing service available for everyone. International samples already have the highest priority.

A market or vendor advertises their products as “tested by Energy Control”. What does this mean?

Our drug testing service is specifically designed for final users. The results we offer are only valid if the sample used is exactly the same as the sample tested previously. None of our results can be used as a quality guarantee from any drug vendor or product. Energy Control declines all responsibility in this sense.

Can you send me someone else's results?

We can only send test results to the person who sent the sample, for confidentiality reasons. If they want us to share their results with you, it has to be them to send us an email asking this.

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