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Our drug testing service is a Harm Reduction strategy specifically designed for final users. The results we offer are only valid if the sample used is exactly the same as the sample tested previously. None of our results can be used as a quality guarantee from any drug vendor or product. Energy Control declines all responsibility in this sense.

Before using our services, please read these guidelines.

We offer two different options:

  • Testing fee (70 EUR): This includes all tests required to have a complete result: qualitative analysis and quantitative when possible, performed with GC/MS, LC/MS/MS, etc, depending on the sample. Results are received through e-mail in a text format.
  •  Testing fee + PDF (120 EUR): This includes all the same tests, plus a complete PDF report including the raw graphs and data from the techniques used.

For plants extractions (San Pedro, Mimosa sp., Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, etc.) we ask for an extra fee (25 EUR). We can also test for pesticides (110 EUR) and heavy metals: mercury, cadmium and lead (60 EUR) in your samples. If you want detailed information about these specific  services please e-mail us

You can pay using Bitcoin, PayPal, or your bank account. You will find detailed instructions about our shipping address and proceeding during the process.

It’s recommended to send the samples in a folded paper or zip bag rather than in a capsule. The tablets, blotters and microdots should be wrapped to prevent rupture and spillage.

  • Powder/cristals: about 50 mg (0,05g)
  • Pills, blotters, microdots: a whole one (not crushed)
  • Liquids: about 2 mililiters, sent in a safe container (for example, but not necessarily, a testing tube)
  • Vegetal material (weed and others): 500mg (0,5g)
  • Hash and other cannabis extracts: 200mg (0,2g)

In case you know or suspect that your sample is extremely potent (active in micrograms as synthetic cannabinoids, fentanyl or fentanyl derivatives…) please use doble zip and let us know in order to take addditional security.

 If is your first sending, please read the FAQ section

  This application does not correctly work with Tor. 

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