Energy Control belongs to ABD, a spanish non-governmental organization.

We receive fundings from local, regional and national authorities which are completely allocated to cover our national activities. Our economic activity is periodically audited by spanish authorities. Some of our staff is paid, but both in national and international areas, our projects go ahead thanks to the altruistic and generous work of our volunteers.

In 2017, incomes from Energy Control International Projects were:

Fees from International Drug Checking Service: 118.170 EUR

Donations: 1.841 EUR

Total: 120.011 EUR

Expenses from 2017 were invested in:

Staff costs (Coordination, lab technicians, user support) 59.946 EUR

Laboratory equipment payments and maintenance 30.832 EUR

Consumables for lab testing + reference analytical standards 20.832 EUR

Banking services (*) 4.278 EUR

Service diffusion 4.200 EUR

Total: 120.088 EUR

(*) All our incomes in BTC are weekly exchanged to EUR


Our aim for 2018 is to improve the variety and quality of our services without increasing fees paid by users. Specific objectives are:


Offer a free/reduced fee drug checking for samples from cryptomarkets, in case we detect potencial high risk for users health (dangerous adulterants, toxic substances offered as common recreational drugs…) and other relevant public health alerts.

Publish periodical, thematical bimonthly reports, with results of our International Drug Checking Service.

Include different cryptocurrencies as payment option for our International Drug Checking Service.

Creation, maintenance and development of our own social networks (you can join our Reddit account)

Automate some processes to shorten time in drug testing and offering results to users.


It is not possible for us to achieve all these objectives with our limited fundings. But you can help us:

If you want to donate money using a credit card, bank transference or PayPal, you can use the ABD donation page (please indicate Programme: Energy Control)

If you want to donate cryptocurrencies, you can use this adress:

AMC/KYC Spanish Laws only allow us to receive anonymous, non-identified donations with amounts bewlos 100 EUR in each transaction. Please consider this in case you want to donate with cryptos.

BTC adress



In case you want to donate using any other cryptocurrency or you want any other information you can contact by e-mail

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