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Delays with our HPLC analyses

Due to an upcoming cannabis related conference in the city of Barcelona, a large influx of cannabis samples is expected. Cannabis is analyzed with our HPLC, so the substances that are analyzed with the same instrument will be affected. This means that the analysis of the following substances will...

Changes to how/when we quantify some substances

To reduce some of the strain that our constant growth has put on the analysis service, we will be shifting to a rolling schedule for quantifying certain substances that we do not receive very often. We routinely receive samples of cocaine and its adulterants, amphetamine, MDMA, ketamine, LSD,...

Back from the holidays

Happy New Year! We have just arrived from holidays and have an enormous backlog of samples to test. There will be some delays in receiving results while we catch up, but we will try our best to have them ready as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience, and feel free to shoot us an email if...

Our funding is very limited and our projects go ahead thanks to the generous work of our volunteers. You can support our work with a donation using money or cryptocurrency

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About us

We are a group of like minded people regardless of whether we are drug users or not, concerned about the problems related to drug use in recreational settings and in society. We develop Harm Reduction strategies, offer information, personal advice and education regarding drugs in order to diminish risk and harm related to their use.

Drug Testing Service

We offer a Drug Checking Service in order to inform the users about the composition of the drugs and therefore are in a position to advise them on less risky taking of said substance. We also offer customized, non-moralistic, and scientific drug information directed at drug users. The Drug Checking Service started operating in Spain from 1999 and since 2014 it is also offered as an International Drug Testing Service.

Scientific Research

In this section you will find reports from our International Drug Testing Service and links to our most relevant peer-reviewed scientific articles,  interventions in international congresses and other scientific forums, and conference posters.

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