As you may have noticed, over the past few weeks we experienced some extended downtime, with browsers displaying warnings that our site was unsafe. We were, unfortunately, the target of a random attack that targets vulnerabilities in old PHP versions to replace some front-facing files of our interface. This resulted in our website randomly prompting you to download an update to chrome which was malicious. We fixed it as soon as possible, and the problem itself was actually fixed within hours, but getting off of google’s blacklists took a few days. We apologize for the downtime and are happy to report that the vulnerability did not give access to the database, so your data is safe. We hope to be able to avoid this issue in the future by being more attentive to updates, and that if we ever have downtime again, we can be as fast as google at restoring services. 


Some antiviruses may still complain about malware, as their lists get updated more slowly than google’s Spam lists. You can try updating your antivirus or safely ignore the warning. 

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