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Urine detection time for heroin

Posted on Sep 8, 2016 in Doctor X files, Other drug question

  My friend had been using heroin IV Wednesday and Thursday, maybe 8 stamp bags each day of okay H.  He is 27 years old 190 pound and in good health.  If he stopped using at 5am friday morning, would he pass a lab UA the following tuesday evening? Making it almost 4 1/2 days since he used.   Time detection for urine test analysis for heroin depend on the method use and sensibility of the test. Normal detection times are 3-5 days so is probable (but not sure) that he will test negative. Drinking a lot of water, sweating, doing exercise or using diuretic are useless methods to...

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Intranasal route for heroin

Posted on Sep 8, 2016 in Doctor X files, Pattern of use

  I have a problem with blocked up nostrils within hours of snorting heroin. It never used to happen, but it happens pretty well all the time now within a few hours and it can last a few days, even up to a week. Is there any cure of do I have to lay off snorting? I also take it by plugging, which works, but isn’t very glamorous. I can smoke it on foil, but that always seems wasteful and I’m sure it’s not good for my lungs. I don’t like IVing – I’ve done it a few times and had it done to me by an expert so I’m sure I don’t really like it....

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Helping a heroin addict person

Posted on Aug 25, 2016 in Detoxification, Doctor X files

  My sister is an heroin addict .. how do i make her stop using these fucking opiates??   Some people quit opiates by themselves. Other need medical and/or psychological help. There are some drugs that make the process of detoxification easier or long-term treatments to avoid relapse. But quitting opiates or any other drug is always a personal decision. There is no way that you can make her quitting opiates. It does not mean that you can’t help her.  She will not change until she feels opiate use is a problem for her. It is common that opiate addicts do not realize this, so,...

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Opiates and heroin whithdrawals

Posted on Aug 10, 2016 in Detoxification, Doctor X files

  What are some of the best ways to mitigate opiate/heroin withdrawals?   Detoxification with prescription opioids (descending dosages of methadone, codeine,dextropropoxyphene or buprenorphine) is the simplest and less umconfortable way for heroin/opiate withdrawal. If, for any reason, these drugs are not used, clonidine could be an option. A detoxification program should be supervised by a trained professional. Unfortunately, detoxification programs are not available in all the world. A detailed, complete guideline on pharmacological and physical interventions in opioid...

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