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MDMA and cocaine interactions

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What would the consequence of using MDMA and Cocaine in the same night be?



The consequences would depend in many factors: timing, total dosage, frequence and personal and environmental factors. In general a variable degree of hyperstimulation could be expected. For most people this is not a pleasant combination, as cocaine reduces empathic effects of MDMA. But it also a matter of personal taste…high dosages of both substances make unpleasant effects (tachicardia, hypertension, anxiety…) more likely


Nitrous and LSD neurotoxicity

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I have a more specific question concerning N2O (mixed with other substances like LSD).Over the last couple of months it has become somewhat if a ritual for me to induce myself into an LSD trip once or twice a month, very often with the assistance of short nitrous oxide “flashes”.Now I know the effects it creates: Next to light headedness, slight euphoria and halluzinogenic coloring, I get a strong visual and sonic “echoing”. Visual in the case that it’s like you are only able to see one still picture, and after the effects of the N2O slowly wear off, more and more of your surrounding increasingly starts to move again, but in an “echoey” way.This lasts for around 1-2 minutes, as usual.The last time I did such a LSD-N2O session though, one of these echoing “flashes” lasted worryingly long… I’m guessing well over half an hour!Does anyone remember the movie Riddick, when the Lord Marshal had this ghosting effect on his body? Imagine that, but on everything that is moving in your viewing field, and at much stronger effect!During that time you begin to panic because the effect isn’t wearing off, until you settle down and consider that a) the LSD is prolonging the effect and it will slowly wear off with the drug, or b) you have caused yourself an irreversible amount of brain damage.Thankfully it did wear off and I’m feeling fine again, but obviously it made me reconsider this practise of mixing both drugs to that extent. We’re talking about 300-400ug LSD plus ten capsules of gas in a five hour time frame…I know that neither LSD nor N2O have been tested scientifically to an extent, or even combined, and that a high amount of nitrous oxide can cause brain damage and B12 deficiency.But I’m asking myself HOW dangerous this mix is, and if there have been reports of N2O effects lasting that long, and/or if the effects are “normal” and how dangerous they are…Sorry for writing down the whole story, but it genuinely scared me and I wanted you to have a detailed picture of the situation, maybe you can help me out with some insight!



I am sorry I can´t provide information about this. LSD is definitely not neurotoxic and low, occasional dosages of N2O, neither. Maybe these kinds of combination can trigger panic attacks or unpleasant experiences in some people depending on dosages and personal characteristics. From a neurobiological point of view I don´t think this is a matter of concern, but it is important to be cautious when combining LSD and other substances


Cannabis and mirtazapine interactions

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Are there any drug interactions between cannabis and the antidepressant Mirtazapine? I can’t find a definitive answer on the clearnet.

Also, have you got a view on cannabis and mental health? Especially in terms of someone with mild anxiety and mild depression.



There are not known pharmacological interactions between mirtazapine and cannabis. Anyway, if you are suffering from mental health problems, cannabis could trigger anxiety attacks. In relation with cannabis and mental health, please review or search in this thread or SR1 forum DoctorX thread, this issue has been covered before:


Benzodiacepines storage

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What is the best method of storing pills (Xanax, Valium, ect)..?

Also how long does it take for them to start loosing thier potency..?



Benzodiacepines can be stored in “normal” conditions. There is no need for frigdes or special containers (unless you live in a ecuatorial or tropical country). In a environment of 10-25ºC, no extreme humidity and no direct sunlight, they will keep their quality for several years. A noticeable lose of potency will occur 5-10 years after production.


Amphetamine induced depression

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I´ve wanted to know if somebody has a depression on the base of drugs like speed nearly 2 till 3 gramm a day, after a few years u can lose this drug- induced depression or it´s changed the hole personalitiy as u think you ´re the same as before?



Long-time, high-dose of stimulants as speed can lead to psychological problems, both during use and also during next weeks/months of abstinence. Depression or other mental health problems are usually the consequence of a group of factors. It is unlikely that a depression lasts for years, only caused by long-time use of stimulants. There are surely many other factors that have influence on this


Psychedelics and chest pain

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i have a question about some (presumably) LSD i took:

So i got it from a reputable SR vendor (chased the forums, reddit etc and found no scam alerts on him, no NBOME calls or anything) and tried out a single 100-125 ug tab. Only experience with drugs before this (except alcohol and tobacco) was weed a single time. I ate probably both too much and the wrong things (meat) before the trip, but i haven’t read that this could cause these pains.

Being a first time psychedelics user i had some scary moments under the trip, but mostly it went pretty well. However, i had for some time this persistent ache in my leftmost chest (felt like it was outside the heart, which i damn well hope it was). During the trip i took notes and described it as a warm feeling like my chest muscles/heart was slowly melting down across the chest. A little less than a week later i microdosed 25 ug and had that same feeling. This time around there was a single, short stab of pain in that area as well. Not too extreme but strong enough to worry me.

It tasted only slightly metalic, not bitter as i’ve read NBOMES do, but mostly sort of sour, and the taste lingered slightly throughout the trip.

I hope it was just have been panic attacks (the first time was just fuck-all overwhelming, and i accidentally swallowed the microdose after some time and thought it wouldn’t work, so that trip wasn’t entirely expected either), but i’d like to hear a qualified view on it.



It is impossible to know what has happened without knowing the substance purity.Chest pain is a possible symptom of a panic attack under psychedelics, but usually have also psychological symptoms (anxiety, fear…). LSD does not produce noticeable cardiovascular effects, but NBOMEs and other similar substances can do it.

LSD blotters or drops have fluorescence if put under a black light (the kind of  light used in some clubs). Another alternative is a Drug Testing Service as the provided by Energy Control


Adequate age for using cannabis

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What would you tell someone 15-22 who came to see you and said they were thinking about using cannabis? “Everyone says it’s great fun and safer than drinking. Enlightened governments are legalizing it around the world.  Some of my friends do it and they are still getting good grades.”  What would you tell this fictional, curious, would be cannabis consumer?   My understanding of your opinion of psychedelics is to take them infrequently and integrate the experience into your life before dropping again.  Do you think the same applies to mota?

For over fifty years we have heard about cannabis and brain damage.  What does science and experience really tell us?

The links below are to reports which indicate damage to developing brains from both heavy drinking and cannabis. It’s too late for me, I’m quiting again(really this time, I even sent X the last fraction of my bitcoin treasure), but maybe some of the Tor savy youths on this site can gain from your perspective on intelligent cannabis use.  Maybe the intelligent thing to do is wait until the brain is done development before indulging, in spite of the modern day jongleurs who sing the praises of Kush, Chronic, etc.
et alii

Not sure exactly what all those studies mean, but they frighten me nevertheless.  If you read only one, read the last link, it’s about addiction and choice.



Drug effects and risks depend on many factors. It is difficult to assess a 15-22 years old teenager without knowing his health status, mental condition, motivations, pattern of use of cannabis…In general, all drugs are less risky if used occasionally and in controlled conditions. Alcohol can be relatively harmless if used rationally or a very dangerous drug depending on all the factors previously mentioned. The same happens with cannabis. As a general rule, use of drugs in adults is better than in teenagers, not only by neurochemical-anatomical-structural factors but also because personality is more mature in adult people and capacity of control and decission is more developed. Nevertheless, most cannabis teenager users do not develop problems, although a minority can do it. In heavy users, personality disorders and/or very negative socioeconomical circumpstances these problems are more frequent. Cannabis is not a very high adictive substance (compared with others as alcohol, opiates or benzodiacepines) but some persons have difficulties to control their use.

In relation with neurotoxic potential, there is no proof that cannabis cause neurotoxic, long-lasting effects in humans. Most of the studies you show are retrospective, compare different populations or have methodological biases. The marketed spray of cannabinoids used in multiple sclerosis (a purified cannabis extract) has passed all FDA and European Union sanitary authorizations and there is no mention to “neurotoxic effects” in any of the technical sheets or clinical trials. This does not mean that “cannabis is good” , but definetly there are no proofs of neurotoxic cannabis effects (as these are described for alcohol or some amphetamine derivatives)


Drug storage

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With the slight temperature changes throughout the year & how they are stored inside my locked box, would they be affected any way?

I’m unsure how to store Xanax as well. I keep them in a clear plastic bag, inside my main big blue drug tin with everything else.  Some Xanax are in aluminum screw top pill tubes. Is the pill tube method of storage better than a clear plastic bag? Or doesn’t it matter as long as they are in the blue tin & no light can get in to damage the tablets?

The same goes for coke storage. It is just sitting in a clear plastic bag, on it’s own inside my locked blue tin. Is this good enough to store coke? I know coke attracts moisture so would it be a good idea to do the same to my coke supply as what I have done with my MDMA & LSD. Or is it just not worth all the effort to try & protect all my substances so I should just leave it all as it is in my locked up blue safety box?

Sorry if this random question has bored you, can’t blame you for giving up reading half way through. Those of you that have read the whole thing, well thanks for reading it if you managed to get to the end.

Opinions on storing your own substances would really be appreciated



Most drugs are very stable and keep their properties during years if kept in good conditions. The conditions you describe seem reasonable enough to be able to keep them in good conditions during years. Amphetamine and amphetamine derivatives are very stable substances and will keep their activity during years, even decades if conserved in a dry, dark, ambient temperature space. LSD and cocaine are more sensible to sunlight and they lose potency if not properly stored or exposed to sunlight or extreme temperatures. Marijuana also suffers degradation (in months-years).

The conditions you describe seem enough. In general it is not a good idea to store drugs in the freezer, because of high humidity (unless they have been previously vacuum-sealed)


Cocaine pattern of use

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How often a week doing coke up the nose will be heading for a serious habit?

I’ve found my cola usage is going up a bit now I have found some decent quality gear & I’ve been using 1mg Xanax to ease the comedown & help me fall asleep which it does perfectly.

I understand that everybody’s different with regards addiction & tolerance levels but any imput from you would be really appreciated

I’m going through about a gram per week, spread out from the weekend & a session midweek sometimes, would it be a good idea to slow down for a while as I find coke very moorish just lately which has got me thinking…



The question is very difficult to answer…how much sex is too much sex? how much drugs are too much drugs?. In some diseases (diabetes, hypertension…) there are objective parameters to measure normality from disease. But in drugs things do not work like this….

In my opinion, it is not the professional (doctor or whatever) who has to decide if someone is using or abusing drugs. It is the user who has to measure if his own use of drugs is appropiate for the personal, social, laboral or familiar activities he wants to develop. Of course there are patterns of use that are objectively harmful, but limits are difficult in many cases.

In general, routine or cyclic patterns of use of substances with high potential of addiction (in the case you mention, cocaine and benzodiacepines) are more risky or harmful than occasional, recreative uses. Anyway, if you think/feel that you should slow your pattern of use, follow your instinct…


Cannabis risks

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I’m currently very stoned and was wondering the truth about weed? How bad is it in reality? If we were talking about around 2-4 grams a day for a long time? And are the health differences big when you compare a bong versus a joint?



Most relevant consequences of heavy cannabis use are related to short time memory. Frequent cannabis users learn with more difficulty (and forget easily) new concepts. I´m talking about the memory we use to learn new things (studying) or remember a phone number. This effect depends on dosage (more frequent and intense in very heavy cannabis users) and dissapears with abstinence (aproximately after 3-4 weeks of abstinence).

Risk of lung problems (chronic bronchitis, lung cancer…) are probably similar to tobacco ones. Risk of joints and bongs are similar (as they produce combustion) but vaporizers avoid lung problems.

Other risks frequently related to cannabis ( infertility, chromosome damage…) are part of the anti-drug propaganda and are not real.

In any case, daily use of any drugs involves more risk than occasional, recreational use. There are psychological and social factors risks to consider. And “2-4 grams” can be a lot or not too much depending on potency and purity of cannabis strain.


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