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Steroid usage

Posted on Dec 22, 2017 in Doctor X files, Pattern of use

  How about steroid usage.  Any advice.   Given I would take about 1/4th of a 50mg D-Bol every 4-5 hours 3 times a day. (37.5mg)  Ontop of the average bidaily exercise.  I would do this for 3 weeks, then 1 week of clomid.  Starting with 50mg clomid, then 25mg a day for the remainder (6 days).  What would you advise I change (add or detract from) about this routine?  I’ve only learned these usages and doses from the remainder of the internet and I’m sure you could shed a little more light.  Is dbol even that effective as a standalone steroid?   Dianabol...

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Methenolone effects and risks

Posted on Dec 13, 2017 in Doctor X files, Pattern of use

  I noticed that you recommended oxandrolone over dianabol in what appears to be the only question that I’ve seen posed to you regarding anabolic steroids. Do you have any opinions on oral primobolan?  In my own research, I’ve been led to believe that primobolan is an effective anabolic steroid; yet, it has little to no side-effects typically associated with steroid use. I am interested in eating well and putting in the time working out – but after years of having done that, with less than stellar results, I would like something that would help me out to not be a...

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Steroid effects on stretching

Posted on Dec 2, 2017 in Doctor X files, Other drug question

  Steroids help increase muscle growth, from what little I know about them. Does any steroid, or other potion such as hydrolyzed collagen, help increase range of motion in normally functioning joints? For example, if a young (62 yo) yoga student desperately wants to move up to the advanced yoga class, but is unable to manage the advanced positions, would, might, or could, a course of steroid (?) help increase muscle and ligament  range of motion when used in combination with active daily stretching? It is my understanding that once elongated, ligaments stay longer, so this would be a...

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Testosterone dosage for bodybuilding / fitness

Posted on Nov 23, 2016 in Doctor X files, Pattern of use

  I’m considering taking human growth hormone (i think hypertropin) or testosterone ethanate to help me with the gym. I’m not sure about dosage or cycles or anything like that and there seems to be a lot of contradictory advice on forums. For T.E. some say 400mg a month, some say 500mg a week! Could you offer any advice on how to safely use these drugs?     Yes, reliable information about steroids it is hard to find in the web. Information about recreational drugs oriented in harm reduction is available, but this is not true for steroids. You will find the classic...

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Oxandrolone and psychedelics

Posted on Sep 8, 2016 in Doctor X files, Drug interactions

  Would Anavar interfere with any psychs such as 2cb, lsd,al-lad, mushrooms, dmt? My friend wants to take some , but he told me he was on Anavar and I can’t find too much info on if its ok to to take any psychs while on cycle.   There are not described pharmacological interactions between oxandrolone and psychedelics. At dosages used in human therapeutics (not above 20-30 mg/day) adverse effects of oxandrolone are mild and possibilities of interactions are low. In case of high oxandrolone dosages and comnbination with potentially hepatotoxic drugs (alcohol, cocaine,...

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