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Use of drugs in schizophrenia

Posted on Dec 8, 2017 in Doctor X files, Mental health

  A friend of mine is diagnosed with schizophrenia probably triggered by marijuana abuse.  (13-15 years ago) He then stopped abusing substances for a while. He recovered, which by that i mean his social life got better, he could control voices he heard on his head, not being paranoid, etc. Few years ago he started using mj again and some mdma now and then. He did not show any signs of schizophrenia and his social life remained as is. Now that he found his way into sr he want to try other substances too. He ordered 25(i,c or both, i am not sure) nbome, LSD and some opiates. Searching the...

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Scopolamine and morphine interaction

Posted on Nov 11, 2017 in Doctor X files, Drug interactions

  how can i perform ‘twilight sleep amenisa’ with oral scolopamine and oral morphine  as all the doses are IV?     Both scopolamine and morphine can be fatal in overdose. Positive (pleasure) effects of scopolamine are minimum (if any). I do not think it is a good idea to experiment with them and I have no idea how to reach that state.  

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Alternative treatments for cancer

Posted on Jan 4, 2017 in Doctor X files, Drugs and diseases

  A very close friend of mine has colon cancer and it’s been in the 4th stage for 4 years. After 2 years oc chemo, she decided to look at alternative treatments. The chemo did nothing but destroy her immune and digestive system.’ My friend is exterme pain but will not take durgs such as Dilaudid. Her nutritionist says the medication willl harm her liver. Opium was suggested and so I got her 5 grams from a vendor here that looks legit. Great feedback and all. Is there any reason why she would not feel  1/4 gram eaten? I have a feeling the vendor is legit. Could it be because...

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Rectal drugs administration

Posted on Sep 8, 2016 in Doctor X files, Pattern of use

  Is it generally a good idea to stick drugs up your butt? this is a serious question   In general, rectal administration of drugs implies some changes in its distribution and effects. A higher proportion of the drug reaches brain without passing through liver an it produces a faster onset, shorter peak, and shorter duration than the oral route. The absorption can be conditioned by the presence and quantity of faeces in rectum and colon, but in general dosages should be 10-20% lesser than oral route. In moderate use and using hygienic measures risks should not be different to oral...

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Opiates and lower back pain

Posted on Sep 8, 2016 in Doctor X files, Drugs and diseases

Been thinking about asking this, so here goes. I’m a 55 year old male who, over the course of about 35 years has had 3 lower back laminectomys and finally, about 18 years ago, a lower back fusion. Now don’t get me wrong, that lower back fusion was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It allowed me to go back to work full time as an automotive mechanic for 15 years. However, a few years ago, the lower back pain started getting progressively worse to the point where I could no longer work. I am now in constant chronic pain and am able to control it fairly well with opioids....

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