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Buprenorphine intravenous use

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  How safe is it to IV suboxone??I am doing for about one year and a half very small doses, 2mg per day.I heard that its pretty bad for your health , but it keeps me off heroin and satisfies my “needlemania”. Any info???     There is little experience about effects of intravenous buprenorphine, although there are some data: But subuxone contains naloxone in addition to buprenorphine, so pharmacological effects of buprenorphine should be counteracted or eliminated. It is possible that this can satisfy your “needlemania” but,...

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Buprenorphine, alcohol and black-outs

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  Regarding buprenorphine and alcohol being co-administered: Have you ever experienced or heard of people on approx. 4MG of buprenorphine blacking out for an extended period of time after 2-3 rapidly consumed alcoholic beverages?   Black-outs or amnesic episodes are not common adverse effects of buprenorphine. They are not even mentioned as a rare possibility in technical sheet of the product. But alcohol itself by itself without necessity of other factors. Drinking too quickly (and/or high graduaton beverages) can facilitate...

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Opiates and heroin whithdrawals

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  What are some of the best ways to mitigate opiate/heroin withdrawals?   Detoxification with prescription opioids (descending dosages of methadone, codeine,dextropropoxyphene or buprenorphine) is the simplest and less umconfortable way for heroin/opiate withdrawal. If, for any reason, these drugs are not used, clonidine could be an option. A detoxification program should be supervised by a trained professional. Unfortunately, detoxification programs are not available in all the world. A detailed, complete guideline on pharmacological and physical interventions in opioid detoxification can...

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