This is an alert from DoctorX & his Chemical Brothers and Sisters.

Our International Drug Checking Service has detected a pill containing toxic adulterants.This sample was received in our headquarters on 10/Dic/2018, delivered from United States. It is an orange pill, divisible in two, weight: 180 mg, diameter 10.04 mm, thickness: 2.75 mm

This pill contains a mixture of methamphetamine (3 mg) and N-Ethyl-Pentylone.

This picture shows the reactions of common colorimetric tests (Marquis, Mecke and Liebermann reagents) to pure MDMA, pure methamphetamine and this pill. Results have been confirmed by other techniques (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry). Quantification of N-Ethyl-Pentylone has not been possible from technical limitations derived of our limited resources as we don’t have an analytical standard of ephylone. However, this is a priority for us and we will purchase it as soon as possible if it is available.

We have previously reported about adulterated pills with N-Ethyl-Pentylone. Available data about this substance are very limited, but suggest that severe toxicity and death are possible with low dosages.

We have been unable to find pills physically similar to this “skull” in the most relevant cryptomarkets. According to available descriptions and pictures, all pills labelled as “skull” (supossedly containing MDMA and, in some cases, 4-FMP) are physically different to the sample tested by our team. We have found no results in databases as and

We are offering free drug checking for “skulls” with this color and shape. If you think you can help us to obtain more data about this toxic pills , please e-mail us

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