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Psychedelics and chest pain

Posted on Ene 11, 2017 in Adverse effects, Doctor X files

  i have a question about some (presumably) LSD i took: So i got it from a reputable SR vendor (chased the forums, reddit etc and found no scam alerts on him, no NBOME calls or anything) and tried out a single 100-125 ug tab. Only experience with drugs before this (except alcohol and tobacco) was weed a single time. I ate probably both too much and the wrong things (meat) before the trip, but i haven’t read that this could cause these pains. Being a first time psychedelics user i had some scary moments under the trip, but mostly it went pretty well. However, i had for some time...

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NBOMEs toxic effects

Posted on Dic 27, 2016 in Adverse effects, Doctor X files

  I apparently share the common concern with the above fellas which is the effects of 2c-i. I’ve stumbled upon your thread yesterday and as I got one urgent question I decided to come back here. I’ve got a friend, quite a junkie who basically tries everything he gets his hands on. Lately he got interested in psychedelics and asked me if I could get him some Nbomes. I ordered 10x of 25i-NBOME blotters (Dosage:1000ug) from DahBome and recived 30 which was quite a bonus. Anyways, he had been doing these quite a while and got a tolerance(which already says he used them alot)....

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