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Cannabis, oxycodone and mental health

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  I’m concerned about how certain drugs could have a long term effect on my psychological state. I’ve been a heavy pot user for about a year now, just quiting two weeks ago. I’ve tried LSD twice, and I’ve been on and off vicodin for about two months. For some time now, I’ve been struggling with really strange mental problems, which are difficult to describe but I’ll put it like this: they feels like anxiety attacks, but I have no idea what I’m anxious about. I can tell myself over and over that everything is fine and nothing is wrong, but I still...

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Alcohol, oxycodone and benzodiacepines interactions

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  How much Xanax and Oxycontin would be fatal when consumed together with alcohol and how much alcohol would cause problems? I know that drinking increases it greatly but I want to know if I can at least have a few, or does it all depend on height and weight?     Benzodiacepines (Xanax) are rarely mortal in overdose because they produce no respiratory depression. Alcohol and oxycodone can produce respiratory depression and combination of both and benzodiacepines, also. It is very difficult to exactly know what is the dangerous dosage of the combination (as there are three different drugs and...

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Opiates and lower back pain

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Been thinking about asking this, so here goes. I’m a 55 year old male who, over the course of about 35 years has had 3 lower back laminectomys and finally, about 18 years ago, a lower back fusion. Now don’t get me wrong, that lower back fusion was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It allowed me to go back to work full time as an automotive mechanic for 15 years. However, a few years ago, the lower back pain started getting progressively worse to the point where I could no longer work. I am now in constant chronic pain and am able to control it fairly well with opioids....

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Oxycodone problems…

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  I took about 300 milligrams of oxycodone a day for about 5 years (by the way, it was the best 5 years of my life, work, family etc.), but then of course the big crack down began (pill mills etc) making it extremely difficult to obtain easily, so I had to stop as I did not feel like driving around to 300 pharmacies a day trying to fill my legally obtained prescription. Anyways it has now been about 3 years since I stopped taking them regularly, but to this day I feel as if it is my first day off of them, absolute no energy, tired constantly, no interest in anything, my gut is all screwed...

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