How about megadosing vitamin C to combat the side effects of drugs? Shouldn’t all drug users be taking lots of vitamin C and vitamin B complex to counteract the depletion caused by recreational drugs? (not to mention all the pollution these days)

They say each tobacco cigarrette depletes 25mg of vitamin C from the system. They also say that megadoses of vitamin C can cure even hepatitis and antidote drug ODs, snake venom, radiation, etc.

“-40 grams ascorbic acid by vein and 1000 mg to 2000 mg vitamin B1 intramuscularly will neutralize the person intoxicated by alcohol.”

“-For acute alcoholism Dr. Klenner has given 1000 mg of thiamin intramuscularly every two hours until recovery. Pyridoxine, 500 mg is given every six hours. 40 grams of C intravenously will detoxify the patient.”

(Most 160 lb mammals produce 10-20g of vitamin C daily, and even more during times of stress or illness. Higher primates lost the enzyme 25 million years ago due to a viral mutation.)



Megadoses of vitamin C are claimed by some alternative medicine doctors to have preventive or curative effects in many diseases. Nevertheless, there is no scientific evidence to support these ideas. Megadose recommendations for vitamin C are based mainly on theoretical speculation and observational studies but there are no large scale, formal clinical trials to support the idea of benefits using it.

A lack of vitamines can cause diseases but this does not mean that taking a lot you will get a health benefit. A car without fuel does not work, but filling the deposit above its limit won´t make it run faster

Vitamin C and B are hydrosoluble and an excess is eliminated by kidney. It is unlikely that using megadoses of these vitamines will cause problems, but an excess of lipophilic vitamines (A, D, E, K) can be harmful.


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