A friend of mine is diagnosed with schizophrenia probably triggered by marijuana abuse.  (13-15 years ago)
He then stopped abusing substances for a while. He recovered, which by that i mean his social life got better, he could control voices he heard on his head, not being paranoid, etc. Few years ago he started using mj again and some mdma now and then. He did not show any signs of schizophrenia and his social life remained as is.

Now that he found his way into sr he want to try other substances too. He ordered 25(i,c or both, i am not sure) nbome, LSD and some opiates. Searching the web did not reveal anything about nbomes and schizophrenia but i found lots of reports that LSD triggered schizophrenia on some people.

Do you think a single trip on lsd or any other psychedelic could bring back effects of the schizophrenia? Do you think psychedelics should be avoided at all costs? What would be your advice on such situation?



Mental health problems as schizophrenia can be triggered by psychedelics. For most people use of psychedelics does not have consequences like this but for a minority, susceptible persons this is possible. People who have suffered a psychotic episode related with drugs are more sensitive to have new episodes if they continue or restart using them. This does not mean that this will an irremediable consequence, but there are more probabilities compared with other persons. Cannnabis and psychedelics are drugs related with this kind of problems and are formally contraindicated in persons who have suffered a psychotic episode. There are no data about NBOMe because they have very little experience on humans, but according to mechanism of action and effects, the same risk is highly probable. Opiates do not trigger psychotic episodes. In fact many opiates have antipsychotic properties. Unfortunatelly, opiates have their own problems and risks (overdose, dependence,adverse effects, etc…)


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