First off I am 27 year old male 6″1 215lbs healthy. I have been using drugs pretty common recreationaly since I was about 15 years old. I mainly smoke marijuana on a daily basis as I was diagnosed with ADHD and Bipolar given drugs like depakote,  neurontin, adderall, it felt horrible. Then I found Cannabis, my main love. It helped me graduate High School and get a degree in Oganic Chemistry with a minor of Pharmacology from a prestigious University. However with this use also came other drug use. First it started with pills (benzos & opiates) and then cocaine, MDMA, Shrooms,  LSD, 2c-x, nbomes, the list goes on and on. It scares me sometimes. However I have tried every preventitive meassure to reverse any negative effects of the drug use and this has been since even when I was young and doing drugs. I always wanted to know exactly what I was taking, how much I was taking and what it would counteract with. I would make sure and take vitamin suppliments after the use of drugs and eat healthy foods. I have also been taking Noopept (nootropic) in 3 months stack and then 1 month off for the last 3 years. I noticed it has helped my memory and brain function a bit, and made my senses a lot more defined. I never have had any reprucutions of drug use other than the occasional time when they run out. Do you agree that preventable measures and controlled drug abuse (never physically addicted to a drug) can be fully negated of most negative effects from the drugs ingested during a life period?



I think it is a very delicate question. Using drugs means facing some risks. These risks depend not only in the substance, but also in the personal characteristics of oneself, context and other factors. Risk reduction measures are useful to reduce risks, but they not eliminate them completely. It is always better to use risk reduction measures, but this does not mean that you are a 100% safe.


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