I’m considering taking human growth hormone (i think hypertropin) or testosterone ethanate to help me with the gym. I’m not sure about dosage or cycles or anything like that and there seems to be a lot of contradictory advice on forums. For T.E. some say 400mg a month, some say 500mg a week! Could you offer any advice on how to safely use these drugs?



Yes, reliable information about steroids it is hard to find in the web. Information about recreational drugs oriented in harm reduction is available, but this is not true for steroids. You will find the classic anti-drug hysteric information (“you will get bold, impotent and violent if you touch steroids”) but, on the other side, some forums recommend patterns of use that are objectively very dangerous.

In general, testosterone enanthate is much safer, cheaper and less adulterated than hGH. Potential adverse effects, if properly used, are lesser also.

I have some general information about harm reduction in steroids in my web. Unfortunately it is only available in Spanish, I don´t know if authomatic translators work…


According to clinical trials, dosages between 200-400 mg/week/6-8 weeks provide a reasonable relation between positive and adverse effects.






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