What are the implications of using Testosterone with recreational LSD/DMT use? For someone with good mental health, good diet, a good gym plan and general good health, are there any problems of Testosterone and the said narcotics?

How about Finasteride (Fincar), Anastrozole (Arimidex) and/or Clomiphine combinations with LSD/DMT?

I am thinking of starting a steroid cycle of Testosterone, with Fincar, Arimidex and Clomiphine.


There are no described interactions between recreational tryptamines (LSD or DMT) and testosterone, finasteride, anastrazol or clomiphene. According to mechanisms of actions it is unlikely that there are clinically significant problems.

Nevertheless, psychological effects of testosterone are very different in different persons. In some sensitive persons testosterone produce psychological effects (enhanced sexually aroused, nervous, impulsive or aggressive) . For these persons,  it this possible that this effect can condicionate psychedelic experience.

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