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Pill database

Posted on Dec 14, 2017 in Doctor X files, Other drug question

  Does anyone know where i can find a European pill identifier ? Can’t find one anywhere…     You can try here: http://www.energycontrol.org   “Analisis sustancias””>>> “Resultados” It is necessary to register to access the pdf files...

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Intervenous route technique

Posted on Dec 9, 2017 in Doctor X files, Other drug question

  I occasionally inject i.v. drugs (from sterile ampules from a trusted hospital source.)  Though I use a sterile syringe/needle each time and swab the area first..etc., every time I shoot I get a big needle bruise at the injection site.  Is there any way to prevent this/attenuate it or should I just find other ways to take my drugs? I normally use either 30 or 31 gauge needles 8mm.     I recommend you this manual ,  I hope you can find some information useful for you: http://harmreduction.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/getting-off-right.pdf...

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Steroid effects on stretching

Posted on Dec 2, 2017 in Doctor X files, Other drug question

  Steroids help increase muscle growth, from what little I know about them. Does any steroid, or other potion such as hydrolyzed collagen, help increase range of motion in normally functioning joints? For example, if a young (62 yo) yoga student desperately wants to move up to the advanced yoga class, but is unable to manage the advanced positions, would, might, or could, a course of steroid (?) help increase muscle and ligament  range of motion when used in combination with active daily stretching? It is my understanding that once elongated, ligaments stay longer, so this would be a...

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Buprenorphine intravenous use

Posted on Nov 24, 2017 in Doctor X files, Other drug question

  How safe is it to IV suboxone??I am doing for about one year and a half very small doses, 2mg per day.I heard that its pretty bad for your health , but it keeps me off heroin and satisfies my “needlemania”. Any info???     There is little experience about effects of intravenous buprenorphine, although there are some data: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15349002 But subuxone contains naloxone in addition to buprenorphine, so pharmacological effects of buprenorphine should be counteracted or eliminated. It is possible that this can satisfy your...

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Posted on Nov 15, 2017 in Doctor X files, Other drug question

  What method of inhalation would you advise to a person with chronic bronchitis, would it be possible to increase dosage to make up for the inability/reduced ability to absorb smoke/vapor?     Smoking is not recommended in persons who suffer chronic bronchitis.. The most reasonable option would be using a vaporizator. With this device it is possible to inhale many substances without the problems of combustion  

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MDMA detection in blood / urine

Posted on Oct 27, 2017 in Doctor X files, Other drug question

  Ill have to get more info and be back to you. How long does mdma stay in your system well till you cant tell in a blood test?     MDMA is only detected in blood (up to 24 h ) with high complexity techniques that are only used in forensic or investigation. Standard tests for MDMA are in urine, and they are positive 48-72 hours after use.  

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