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Surgery after psychedelic use

Posted on Nov 20, 2017 in Doctor X files, Drugs and diseases

  Is it good to stay off of psychdelics if one is going under anesthesia for a surgery?     Interactions between classical psychedelics and anaesthetic medications is unlikely. Anyway, as a general rule, it is recommendable to stay off of any psychoactive drug (and any other non-necessary drug or treatment) a few days (2-3) before undergoing anaesthesia.  

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Blood pressure and amphetamines

Posted on Nov 18, 2017 in Doctor X files, Drugs and diseases

  I posted on here around the beginning of the year about a bad time I had with some pure amphetamine and unknowingly potentiating it with baking soda, which I take regularly for heartburn.I’m not having breathing issues anymore, but I’ve noticed my pulse is remaining consistantly high during the day. According to my cheap BP meter, it’s around 100-120bpm. My blood pressure is pretty much normal, avg. 135 over 85. I’ve stopped using all amphetamines and stimulants, no more decongestant in the morning or caffeinated soda or coffee (i have a tea once in awhile). I...

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MDMA adverse effects

Posted on Nov 17, 2017 in Adverse effects, Doctor X files

  I’m still relatively new to MDMA.. well, I shouldn’t say MDMA – I should say Party Pills as I guess I really don’t know what I’m taking (I’m buying a test kit soon).I love taking party pills because it’s much better to spend $50 – $75 (on pills) on a night out rather than $200 – $300 (on alcohol). But, my only worry is health risks. The only health risks I know about are, anxiety/paranoia from taking too much (only happened once to me), and over heating – which I avoid by drinking water every 1-2 hours. Is there any other...

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Ketamine addiction

Posted on Nov 16, 2017 in Doctor X files, Drug dependence

  Is it possible to get physically addicted (and get withdrawals when discontinued) from ketamine?     Yes. Ketamine dependence is one of the problems associated with this drug. Some ketamine users become dependent on the drug in a manner resembling cocaine dependence, with craving , high tolerance and loss of ability to manage the use of the drug. Some users take 5-6 grams of ketamine daily and abuse of ketamine becomes the priority in their lives. There is no evidence of a physiological withdrawal syndrome, but this does not mean that dependence is not possible. A minority...

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Posted on Nov 15, 2017 in Doctor X files, Other drug question

  What method of inhalation would you advise to a person with chronic bronchitis, would it be possible to increase dosage to make up for the inability/reduced ability to absorb smoke/vapor?     Smoking is not recommended in persons who suffer chronic bronchitis.. The most reasonable option would be using a vaporizator. With this device it is possible to inhale many substances without the problems of combustion  

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Isotretinoin and recreational drugs

Posted on Nov 14, 2017 in Doctor X files, Drug interactions

  If  I take Isotretinoin, it’s safe to use LSD, Psylocibin, DMT, weed and alchool? How often is to often to take LSD and DMT? What are harms of DMT? It’s a problem if I take microdose of LSD (15ug) one or two times in a week?     Alcohol (and, with less probability psylocibin) is the only drug strictly contraindicated with isotretinoin. Rest of the substances listed are safe to use while in treatment with isotretinoin. Using psychedelics is like going to Disneyworld (in case you like Disney characters, of course). First times are amazing but if you go to often you...

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