I wanted to ask about damage caused by synthetic cannabinoids but I see you admit little knowledge so I’ll share my experiences and hypotheses, since I see others here have also been injured by these new chemicals.

Subject bought some to sell, but ended up smoking it all himself. 20g AM-2201 and 10g UR-144 in a 6-month period. Subject probably inhaled generous amounts of acetone during this time as well (dipping cigarettes).

Subject said he felt as if the synthetic cannabinoids were re-crystallising after entering the lungs. The hypothesis is that, these tiny crystals were cutting the sensitive heart and kidney tissue, leaving scars from the micro-abrasions.

Subject reported a reduced sensitivity to harmaloids several months after quitting, indicating some changes to the serotonin receptor system.

One year after quitting, subject is still experiencing heart and kidney pains. Subject just started treatment with serrapeptase enzyme to heal the scar tissue. (Serrapeptase up to 1g per day, bought from a wholesaler @$250/kg (2500 IU/mg) rather than a brand-name capsulated product which generally cost between $3000-36000 per kilogram). Also DMSO. He will start taking MSM and liposomal vitamin C as soon as he can acquire it in bulk. And general dietary improvements, gradually moving toward a organic high-plant paleo diet (without any factory meat).

I’ll let you know the results after a few months.



There is very little knowledge about risks and damages of synthetic cannabinoids. Most of these substances have never been tested in humans and users are really behaving as “guinea pigs”. There are reported cases of toxicity related to AM-2201 and UR-144. “Natural” cannabis is much safer than any of these substances


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