I love stimualants speed to be precise ( usually metamphetamine but sometimes I find a cheap guy for dexedrines and adderall rare though), I was always an athelete and adrenaline was unconciously something I chased while playing basketball throughout numerous years of highschool and a bit of primary. I love speed and I did do alot , Id like to know if there is a risk of long term amphetamine/methamphetamine use? I know my heart rate is not that high I can handle alot , but I want to know if there is any long term tissue damage that would make it easier for me to be hit by heart attack , my heart is weaker then before Thats for sure , I never realized I was breathing hard I just breathed beacuse I was always running and sprinting and huffing , now im in the complete opposite , always sitting down on the computer doing numerous useless entertaining activies . I wanted to know if its important to excersie after doing speed(meth/amph) for some reason now I have an anxiety that while im running I will suddenly have a heart attack beacuse I cant control my heart beat , but I know its normal for it to beat that fast while im jogging but I still feel anxiety , this usually happens whenever I touch speed or any stimulant the same week . I Feel GREAT after im done jogging as im exhausted as shit , but I would like to also know if jogging is good for the heart of a stimulant user , im not sure if im a heavy user I dont go on binges anymore I eat everyday and can sleep just fine (I always sleep at least 7-8 hours) if I havnt done any in the 3 hours . Let me know if theres anything I should worry about doctorX, and also im very ignorant and long term physical amphetamine ”damage” if there is any Id really love to know so please tell me  , I hope someone else hasnt asked same questions lol I cant search posts for some reason on specific threads



Amphetamine and methamphetamine can raise up blood pressure and heart rate. Intense exercise can do this also, so it does not seem a good combination, as it could increase the risk of cardiac problems.

Along with the desired effects there are also other results of the stimulation, such as: increased heart rate, respiratory rhythm, blood pressure, body heat; troubles sleeping, jaw tension and uncontrollable movement of muscles. High doses con induce convulsions. Other side-effects that may appear are: head ache, dry mouth, trouble urinating and achieving erection; and there’s a possibility of one experiencing psychotic breaks with a regular use of this substance. Long-time repeated use of methamphetamine can lead to dopaminergic toxicity, that would express as movement problems.


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