So I enjoy using cocaine.  But I would be lieing if I told you I wasn’t scared to use it because of the dangers ie. heart attack, seizure, etc.  I only purchase higher quality cocaine that is usually about 80% and the main cut in the rest is ephedrine.  I insufflate it every time.  What is a safe dosage to use if I only use it a few times a week?  I usually do 75 mg at a time and wait 60-90 minutes before insufflating roughly the same amount and after about 300-600 mg I stop (more often its about 300 mg, maybe once or twice a month I’ll consume 600mg in a session). This is over a 4-5 hour period.   I’ve never had my heart rate pass 145 bpm and I usually don’t consume anymore until it’s back down to about 110-120 to keep it in what I deem a safer heart rate than allowing it to get out of control and reaching 160 or more.  Also, do you have any recommendations to change what I do to minimize the risk of danger.

I’m a healthy male, 20s, just over 200 lbs., 25% body fat (I carry much of it from the waist down, visceral fat is average) and am not in bad shape but I’ve stopped exercising due to other obligations for about 4 months now with the exception of a 2 hour walk/hike 2-3 times a week.  Any insight you can offer would be extremely helpful as I haven’t been able to find guidelines through clearnet on safe limits for my quality of coke and my personal shape, age, etc.


There are no studies or guidelines to assess about “safe” use of cocaine. “Risk zero” only exists with complete abstinence, and risk increases with dosage and frequency of use. Probably the dosage you are using (75 mg each 45-60 min up to 300 mg) does not mean an excessive risk. Anyway, risks of drugs depend not only on pharmacological issues, but also in personal and social factors. But if you repeat this pattern of use “a few times a week” risk can be more significative in long-time. There is no way to accurately estimate the exact risk you are exposed. The less you use, the risk decreases. That is the only information I can offer.

You say that your cocaine cut is “only ephedrine”. Ephedrine is a  sympathomimetic amine related to amphetamines with similar effects, adverse effects and risks. A 20% ephedrine is a high dosage that can have its own problematic effects.

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