Many users (including myself) seem to get wrapped up in the many physical sensations drugs can bring about, losing sight of the normal physical sensation of everyday physical health. There is lip service paid to the notion of resetting one’s body off of drugs, every so often, but I wonder if the psychological longing for altered states can be reset so easily? We must be our own physician and know ourself and any symptoms that may occur. To truly know oneself is a more subtle process than taking a week or two holiday from drug use to get to know our ‘regular’ physical being. The disease process sometimes requires we are completely focused on small, almost imperceptible changes in our physical conditions.

Finally for my question: Could cannabis possibly loosen the bond between the retina and choloid? I have no clue how this bond is made, but of course, we all know how important it is. Given the vasodilator  properties of weed, could there be some interaction?



No, there are not known cases of choroid-retina pathology associated to cannabis use


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