i have a question about some (presumably) LSD i took:

So i got it from a reputable SR vendor (chased the forums, reddit etc and found no scam alerts on him, no NBOME calls or anything) and tried out a single 100-125 ug tab. Only experience with drugs before this (except alcohol and tobacco) was weed a single time. I ate probably both too much and the wrong things (meat) before the trip, but i haven’t read that this could cause these pains.

Being a first time psychedelics user i had some scary moments under the trip, but mostly it went pretty well. However, i had for some time this persistent ache in my leftmost chest (felt like it was outside the heart, which i damn well hope it was). During the trip i took notes and described it as a warm feeling like my chest muscles/heart was slowly melting down across the chest. A little less than a week later i microdosed 25 ug and had that same feeling. This time around there was a single, short stab of pain in that area as well. Not too extreme but strong enough to worry me.

It tasted only slightly metalic, not bitter as i’ve read NBOMES do, but mostly sort of sour, and the taste lingered slightly throughout the trip.

I hope it was just have been panic attacks (the first time was just fuck-all overwhelming, and i accidentally swallowed the microdose after some time and thought it wouldn’t work, so that trip wasn’t entirely expected either), but i’d like to hear a qualified view on it.



It is impossible to know what has happened without knowing the substance purity.Chest pain is a possible symptom of a panic attack under psychedelics, but usually have also psychological symptoms (anxiety, fear…). LSD does not produce noticeable cardiovascular effects, but NBOMEs and other similar substances can do it.

LSD blotters or drops have fluorescence if put under a black light (the kind of  light used in some clubs). Another alternative is a Drug Testing Service as the provided by Energy Control


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