Is it  myth that MDMA can help people suffering from PTSD? And if not, what other illegal drugs can help people with PTSD symptoms?
the subject i am asking about is kinda reluctant to ask their doctor about using illegal narcotics, but noting thry are prescribing is helping at all. In fact, they are making it worse. She currently self medicates with xanax, but is looking for a less addictive alternative, such as psylocybin mushrooms (once a month) or maybe MDMA once or twice a month. Do you have any other recommendations?



There are some studies that suggest MDMA can be a useful tool in treatment of PTSD. In general, MDMA is administered in a therapeutic context, in one or two sessions, and into a programmed protocol. I think MDMA is more adequate for this use than any other psychedelic, but this use implies a therapeutic context. It is not a question of only taking the drug, but doing it as a part of a psychotherapeutic plan.

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