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How to go to a festival and not die in the attempt?

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How to go to a festival and not die in the attempt?

Year after year, when the summer comes, with the arrival of good weather, also comes the sound of live music festival rhythm throughout the whole territory.

Festivals lasting several days, may involve some additional risks compared to a night / party session: increased consumption of alcohol and other drugs (dosage and frequency), little rest, inadequate feeding, poor hygiene in some cases,  unprotected sex, exposure to an excessive volume of music for more hours / day, …
Moreover, since they take place in summer season, this implies an exposure to high temperatures and, therefore, it can favour the appearance of bad vibes, specially if there has been a drug consumption which may cause an increase in body temperature like ecstasy does.
In short, all aspects to take in consideration to avoid your health going wrong and for you to enjoy the party as you deserve. Therefore, here you will find some interesting recommendations to take into account in order to enjoy more and better if you are going to a festival. (more…)

Welcome to International Energy Control

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Welcome to International Energy Control


Energy Control is a Spanish harm reduction project for recreational drug users. Since 1997, we develop harm reduction projects and, since then, we have been recognized and acknowledged by local, national and European institutions. Our Drug Checking Service, originally focused on Spanish drug users, is a pioneer project that provides identification and quantification of drug samples destined for personal use, harm reduction advice for users, allows a continual follow-up of trends in the illegal drug market and provide warnings in case of incidences that involve significant health risks.


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