A while ago I insufflated about 500 mg cocaine in the coarse of an evening, it was the first time I used coke. Nearing the end of the evening I had an constant runny nose which was pretty annoying. I cleaned my nose with saline, but nevertheless by the time I went to bed my nose was totally clogged up.

The next morning when I blew my nose, all of the mucus was red coloured. For about a week afterwards there was blood in my mucus, it became less and less till finally no blood at all after a week and the mucus was colourless again.

Clearly this is a sign that my nose didn’t like what I put up there, but I’m not sure how harmfull it is. Is such a reaction ‘normal’ for coke use? Could another coke experiment be conducted without a risk on permanent damage?


Intranasal damage is a common problem of drugs used by this route of administration. Dosage, frequency and technique of use are important factors that have influence in severity. Cocaine itself (and impurities associated) can irritate nasal tissues and make it bleeding. Half a gram is quite an elevated dosage for a newbie and could cause general health problems, apart from local (nasal).

It is recommendable to pulverize the substance to a very thin dust before sniffing. Do not use always the same nostril for sniffing, but alternate both. Sniffing straw should not point to nasal septum, but to nasal turbinates (lateral ) , where vascularization is greater and absorption better. Saline irrigation can be used several days (better using a syringe). If you are experimenting again I suggest to follow these advices, diminishing dosages also, and visiting an otorhinolaryngologist to rule out the possibility of other problems.

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