My question is about Modafinil.

It’s been called a smart drug used to focus and excel but can it be used to excel in exercise?

Will it be able to help me push my body further for longer? Can I keep stamina up while focusing on my grabs as I rock climb?

The reason I ask is because the wikipage on it says that it’s been used by athletes as a doping agent.

If this wouldn’t help with workouts do you know a drug that will without the rapid muscle loss of post-steroid use?

I’m in good shape and good health.

I don’t take any other prescriptions and just smoke pot sometimes.



Modafinil has shown to modify aerobic training power, enhancing the results in some laboratory parameters on short time.

Modafinil is also considered as a doping agent by anti-doping authorities.

Nevertheless, in my personal opinion it is unlikely that these effects are significative, at least in non-professional athletes. It is possible that it can make a difference in high trainig professional, but in normal people I do not think it is worthy using modafinil for this purpose.


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