My question: I was using MDMA once a month and decided to start alternating with methylone (one month MDMA, the next month methylone), in order to reduce the serotonine depletion, because I understand methylone works relatively more on dopamine than on serotonine. My methylone dosage on the other hand is always quite a bit higher than my MDMA dosage (250mg MDMA vs 400mg methylone, spread over the night)

I realize methylone is not as well studied as MDMA, but I have never experienced any adverse reactions or bad comedowns or after effects, so I am not worried about that.

My main concern is whether this theory of alternating MDMA and methylone makes any sense, or if I am just fooling myself. Maybe 2c-b would be a better alternative?


According to available data, the impact of 250 mg/month or 250 mg/ twice a month of MDMA in terms of neurotoxicity would be little (if any) and adverse effects and risk of organic toxicity, moderate. Methylone has a short story of human use, data on humans are very little and risks of toxicity are unknown and difficult to estimate. Anyway 400 mg seems a quite high dosage.

There are some reports of methylone associated severe toxicity, probably caused by overdosage:

In terms of relative toxicity and human experience of use, 2C-B seems more adequate than methylone.

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