My little brother has started using meth daily, not daily but at least 5 days a week. Not a huge amount, he literally weighs out about 50-60mg and uses an oral dose.

He still eats, mainly protein shakes but does manage one full meal a day. He also drinks about 3-5 litres of water a day and lift weights five days a week. He says he gets between 5 and 7 hours sleep a night as well.

He uses multi-vitamins and all the other vitamins suggested to go along with the use of Methamphetamine. 3 times a week he use L-Dopa as well for dopamine depletition.

He’s using 7-keto as well for cortisol control as he is doing this for bodybuilding purposes. To burn extra fat, I’ve told him its stupid but his mind is set on it.

He says he is only going to do it for a month. He is very motivated in to bodybuilding so I believe him when he says he will only do it for a month as he is trying to burn fat before he bulks up again.

I just wanted to know if you think he is doing any serious damage? Other than addiction potential? Any advice for him?

This is generally about my little brother, I bodybuild as well but on a different level than him I have been cycling steroids for at least 10 years now and wouldn’t consider Meth to be part of bodybuilding.


50-60 mg methamphetamine daily can lead to psychiatric or cardiovascular problems, even more with physical exercise. Prescription methamphetamine rarely exceeds 10-15 mg daily. I can´t say that he will irremediably have a problem but risk is increased. I also think it will not be very effective to control fat, and even less to gain weight. A combination of a hypocaloric-hyperproteic diet with an adequate aerobic physical exercise seems more logical and effective to achieve his goals.

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