I have resumed doing methamphetamine on a limited basis after a long 10 year break. I am a 50 year old male that can be classed as morbidly obese with no other problems except for severe osteoarthritis in both knees. Part of the reason for resuming meth use is because of the weight I have gained and my overall lethargic lifestyle. I have no energy for anything anymore.

The last time I used meth for a couple days in a row my urine had a horrible smell. It is hard to describe but it was very bad and very strong and a very dark color. I remember the dark color when I used to use a long time ago but never the bad smell.

It lasted maybe a day or two after I got some sleep and stopped using which I felt was longer than it should have been. Is this just from dehydration? I know meth is a diuretic but should I be concerned with the smell? I try to increase my fluid intake but probably not enough considering I do not each much for up to two days. Sometimes time will pass and I’ll forget to drink until I have the urge to urinate badly which sneaks up on me.

Should I be concerned about bladder or kidney infections? Should I drink cranberry juice?


Urinary infections usually have additional symptoms more than bad smell and colour. Urge to urinate, pain and frequent urinating are common symptoms and, without them, a diagnosis of urinary tract infection is unlikely.

With available information I think of three possibilities:

1) Your urine has been too concentrated because of reversible deshydration

2) The problem may be caused by another factor different to meth use

3) In some persons, meth can damage skeletal muscle tissue.

Products of damaged muscle cells are released into the bloodstream. Urine is tainted with the protein myoglobin. This problem (rhabdomyolysis) can be severe and cause significant problems.

A simple urine test would be very useful to rule out possibility 3) and give a lot of information about cause and treatment (if necessary). In the case you have had a rhabdomyolysis episode, use of meth should be contraindicated.

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