MDMA and STP frequency of use

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I wonder, since MDMA and DOM(STP) or other acids, are both drugs that effect serotonin¬† receptors, if there’s to wait some time between an assumption and another to feel properly the effects, also in the case i take DOM before and MDMA later, so it’s not the same drug. in particular i would expect a week or two
I’ve to say it would be my first time for both the substances.

I know that it’s not a common question in this thread (supposed to speak about health in using drugs) ahah but i didn’t find anywhere an answer!



With regular MDMA frequency of use, desired effects diminish. There is a reported “chronic tolerance effect”, so desired empathogenic effects diminish after a determined number of doses. The best frequency of use is not known. For some authors it is “once a year or less”, for other “no more than once a month”. It is clear that the less, the better.

STP (dimethoxyamphetamine) is a lesser known psychedelic. There are not too many reports about its effects. Effects can last for long time (1-2 days) it should be used sporadically and with caution.


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