I wonder, since MDMA and DOM(STP) or other acids, are both drugs that effect serotonin  receptors, if there’s to wait some time between an assumption and another to feel properly the effects, also in the case i take DOM before and MDMA later, so it’s not the same drug. in particular i would expect a week or two
I’ve to say it would be my first time for both the substances.

I know that it’s not a common question in this thread (supposed to speak about health in using drugs) ahah but i didn’t find anywhere an answer!



With regular MDMA frequency of use, desired effects diminish. There is a reported “chronic tolerance effect”, so desired empathogenic effects diminish after a determined number of doses. The best frequency of use is not known. For some authors it is “once a year or less”, for other “no more than once a month”. It is clear that the less, the better.

STP (dimethoxyamphetamine) is a lesser known psychedelic. There are not too many reports about its effects. Effects can last for long time (1-2 days) it should be used sporadically and with caution.


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