In the far future (about a year from now), I plan on using MDMA to engage in a sexual encounter with a very close friend. We’ll be using it together. Is that something that you would recommend? What dangers should i look out for? what can I do to limit risks, or make the experience the best it can be?


If you are using occasional, common moderate dosages (not higher than 120-140 mg, 1.5-2 mg/kg), you both have experience with the substance and are in a general good health, there should not be excessive risks in a physical point of view. Sexual activity requires no more energy than dancing in a rave (in a cardiovascular point of view I mean), so adding MDMA does not probably imply many differences. General rules of harm reduction for MDMA are applicable.

There are different opinions about sex on MDMA, probably it is a question of personal preferences. Most people prefer engage in sexual activity 3-4 hours after MDMA intake. In that moment the principal mental effects are diminishing but persist well being and tactile enhancement. MDMA difficults penile erection in many men, and 3-4 hours after this effect is less noticeable, at least for most people. It can be interesting to forget about penile erection and explore other aspects of sexuality. Retarded ejaculation is another frequent issue (this can be an adventage or disadventage, depending on persons and situations). As I say, many people prefer sex after MDMA but, nevertheless, other prefer it during the peak experience.

Another aspect is psychological reactions and changes in communication with other persons. Depending on your personal implication with that person it is possible that your thoughts about your partner are different than usual (deeper, clearer, more emotional…). It is possible that he/she experiments the same. The consequences of this kind of situations can be very possitive, negative or neutral, depending on many factors. But taking in consideration MDMA psychological effects is also a risk reduction measure.

Look for an adequate, intimate space, be free of preocupations…a good set and settting, in definitive, is the best you can do. And leave some space for improvisation and do not expect too much of it.

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