Should MDMA and amphetamines be avoided during lactation? Is it strictly forbidden or risks are acceptable?


The relation between MDMA and lactation is not clear. As far as I know, there are no published studies on this particular issue. Available data on amphetamine show that “In dosages prescribed for medical indications, some evidence indicates that amphetamine might not affect nursing infants adversely.”. On the other hand, data from methamphetamine show that meth is secreted to breast milk and it should be avoided.

In my opinion, it is basic to avoid use that can be harmful to third persons. A person can asume risks for himself but not for others, even less a baby. So there would be three options: 1) Wait to finish lactation and then use MDMA or amphs 2) Interrupt natural lactation (use artificial milk) and use MDMA or amohs 3) Collect enough milk for 3-4 days (using a breast-pump), keep it in the fridge and use it during the following days to MDMA or amphetamine usage.

In any case, use of drugs during lactation is one of that situations in which there might be risks for third persons. People should be free to decide about their bodies and minds but in case another person can be affected the general advice is not to use.

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