I brought some MDMA a while ago and have since not took it again I am not sure if I OD or not but basically I was starting to come up which was aboustely amazing but then as soon as I got in the taxi on the way to the clubs i started excessive sweating where my light blue shirt was literally soaked and i was going hot and cold by the time I got to the club I just couldn’t handle it my heart was beating very hard was struggle to get my breath so I decided to head back and have a cold shower but I was like this for around a hour and half where I thought I felt like I was literally going to Die.

I want to do MDMA again was this cause to OD ?



I suppose you mean “out of date” with OD. But I do no think this is a logic explanation. MDMA keeps its properties during decades and it is very difficult to degrade. In any case it would lose some of its potency and not cause these symptoms. I can´t be sure about what has happened, but sounds to me as overdose. If you are to try it again, do with a lesser dosage ( 80 mg, for example)


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