Hello, I have a question about micro dosing LSD, I know is unknown territory but please let me know if this is a wrong line of thought.

Average trip 200ug needs at least 14 days for you to restore tolerance. But with less amount wouldn’t you also need less time for that? So if I take 10ug that’s 5% then I would need only 5% of the restoring time, that is 0.75 days. According to this logic only 1 day after that dosage will be more than plenty to recuperate and don’t build tolerance. And if you take even lower amount, let’s say 5ug or 2.5% that’s 0.375 days of recovery time, so if you take it at the morning, for example 8:00 AM, next morning at the same hour you will be more than recovered, so you could take 5ug all week. This will require testing and I guess is variable to each individual.


Pharmacological tolerance depends on many factors: chemical characteristics,  path of metabolism, sensitivity of specific receptors, even personal and psychological aspects… Also, to develop tolerance it is neccesary a minimun dosage and frequency of administration. Tolerance to LSD develops very quickly (for most people it is very difficult to use LSD 2 or 3 consecutive days) and also disappears fast.

There are no validated studies to know specifically the time of LSD tolerance duration, but according to experience, it probably osciles between 5-10 days. In theory, reducing dosages would reduce time of tolerance. But LSD threshold is 20-30 mg, so, dosages lower than that would make virtually no psychological effects. Daily administration of very low dosages could have neurochemical effects that affect tolerance development even without psychological effects. There is some discussion about the effects of daily micro-dosage of LSD but no clinical trials in humans.

Reality is much comlex than your reasoning on this issue, it is not a question of a linear dosage-response relation, there are many factors that have influence on that.

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