What amount of LSD is needed to loose ones identity. In this I am referring to what people commonly call ‘loosing your mind’.(Changing personality permanently).


Ego dissolution experiences are not the consequence of a particular dosage. These kind of experiences happens or not. Large dosages (>300-400 ug) facilitate this but are not a guarantee of this effect. And changes of personality are the consequence of the integration of LSD experiences, so these changes depend on many factors and not only on dosage. I do not know what you exactly mean with “changing personality permanently”…

If you think there are things in your personality you want to change I think it is much better to work specific issues with professional, therapeutic or spiritual advice instead on rely on high dosages of a psychedelic. In some persons psychedelic open a “Pandora´s box”: this can be positive or negative and for some people highly impredictible.

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