I was hoping you could answer a question about regular ketamine use and nasal health.

I started using early this year and got comfortable with 100mg (insufflated) per week. This continued for about five months with a gap in between. I’ve not used for a few months after I became concerned about my insides and my nose, even though by all accounts I was within safe limits. I noticed no side effects and obviously had no problem with tolerance, but decided to play it safe and stop using for the time being.

Do you know what kind of level of usage of K is possible while avoiding long-term problems resulting from either the drug itself or snorting on a weekly basis?


Long-term problems of ketamine use are ketamine-associated cistopathy and dependence. Cistopathy appears generally in long-term, heavy-dosage users and your dosages seem to be low risk in this sense. Potential of addiction depends on dosage, but also in psychological and personal circumstances. It is impossible to estimate a 100% safe dosage, obviously risks increase with dosage and frequency. 100 mg/week seems a reasonable dosage, although there are many risk factors some of which are unpredictable.

In relation with snorting, it is recommendable to pulverize the substance to a very thin dust before sniffing. Do not use always the same nostril for sniffing, but alternate both. Sniffing straw should not point to nasal septum, but to nasal turbinates (lateral ) , where vascularization is greater and absorption better. Saline irrigation can be used several days (better using a syringe) twice a day.


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