Levamisole toxicity

Posted on Mar 11, 2017 in Adverse effects, Doctor X files

1)  I know sometimes cocaine is “cut” with levamisole.  Is there any way to tell if mine is cut with it, or is it just pure luck?

2)  Is there any additional risk of injecting it if it is cut with levamisole compared to the usual risks associated with i.v. drug injection?



Here is my 2-part answer:

1) The only way to know if cocaine is cut with levamisole is analyzing it. The presence of levamisole is not only important, but also concentration. Quantity of levamisole in cocaine is usually 2-10% but  can reach 30%. Levamisole adulteration is a worldwide problem, and more than 50% cocaine samples tested all over the world by different teams find similar results. There is not a clear explanation for using this substance as adulterant. It is believed that levamisole has some stimulant properties, but this is not 100% clear. You can use our International Drug Testing Service to know the purity of your cocaine and presence of levamisole.

2) Injecting levamisole-tainted cocaine raises the possibility of levamisole associated complications (immunologic depression or dermatologic problems like vasculitis). Injection is the most risky administration route in relation to levamisole (and cocaine) , as it goes directly to blood and tissues. Nevertheless, some problems related to levamisole do not depend on dosage, but in genetical susceptibility. Some persons (women in particular) are more sensitive to these problems because of genetical factors



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