How can I use ketamine as antidepressant?


Recent studies show that ketamine has strong antidepressant properties. Typical dosage is 0.5 mg/kg intravenous in infussion in 30-40 minutes; oral route seems also effective at that dosage (0.5 mg/kg). The effect is fast and strong but not lasting in time, it disappears in hours or days and further dosages do not reply this effect. With actual knowledge, Ketamine may prove useful in a select group of patients but current medical knowledge looks to other treatments as the first line against depression. K can be useful in some clinical situations but potential of dependence, psychedelic effects and long-term effects limit its use. Probably, a better knowledge of its mechanism of action in depression will lead to new treatments.

In any case, antidepressants are never the unique or best option for treating a depression or any other mental health problems. Psychological or psychiatric conditions are never “cured” with pills. Therapy must be based in a  combination of pharmacological, psychological and social measures.

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