I take 30mg of Isotretinoin every day, my weight is 78kg.

Which drug I can’t take? I mainly intersted in MDMA and 2CB, I never take MDMA but I would try it very soon at a party, 0.1g + 40ug LSD, there are problems?

I know that I can’t drink alchool with isotretinoin but is fine to drink one or two beer every three month?



Isotretinoin can alter some blood test parameters related to liver, as aminotranspherases. A raise in this count can be interpreted as indicative of toxicity. Some illegal or recreational drugs can alter aminotranspherases too and increase the liver toxicity induced by isotretinoine.

Alcohol is the most non-recommendable drug in this sense and its use during isotretinoin treatment is formally contraindicated. Toxicity and risks are dosage-dependent, and probably very moderate sporadic use is not significative in terms of real harm.

For the rest of illegal drugs, risks depend on their potential to damage liver. LSD and 2C-B are probably safe. MDMA can in theory cause hepatotoxicity (at least is some dosages and circumpstances), although there are no data indicating that ocassional use in combination with isotretinoin causes significant liver damage.

Anyway, in case you are using new substances, it is better to try them alone. Once you have experimented its effects you can decide to try with combinations.

As isotretionin treatment is limited in time, you could also consider to wait until you have finished it, which is the safest option. In any case, as far as I know, there are no reported cases of toxicity with the mentioned combinations.


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