If  I take Isotretinoin, it’s safe to use LSD, Psylocibin, DMT, weed and alchool?
How often is to often to take LSD and DMT? What are harms of DMT? It’s a problem if I take microdose of LSD (15ug) one or two times in a week?



Alcohol (and, with less probability psylocibin) is the only drug strictly contraindicated with isotretinoin. Rest of the substances listed are safe to use while in treatment with isotretinoin.

Using psychedelics is like going to Disneyworld (in case you like Disney characters, of course). First times are amazing but if you go to often you will get tired. Frequency (in both cases) depends on personal preferences. For some people it is twice a year, for others once a month but most people  find boring doing it every weekend. In general, the less frequent is the use, it is better.

DMT, as other classical psychedelics has no physical dangers. Harms are related to mental issues (anxiety, difficulty to integrate the experience) or, very rarely, persistent mental health problems

15 ug of LSD is below the level of psychoactivity of the substance. Body develops tolerance quickly to LSD and, in case of subtle effects, these would dissapear in a few days or weeks. I think this pattern of use is useless.


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