I have a problem with blocked up nostrils within hours of snorting heroin. It never used to happen, but it happens pretty well all the time now within a few hours and it can last a few days, even up to a week.

Is there any cure of do I have to lay off snorting?

I also take it by plugging, which works, but isn’t very glamorous. I can smoke it on foil, but that always seems wasteful and I’m sure it’s not good for my lungs. I don’t like IVing – I’ve done it a few times and had it done to me by an expert so I’m sure I don’t really like it.

Maybe I should go for pills? I know heroin doesn’t work orally, but how about morphine or one of the others that come in pill form?


Intranasal damage is a common problem of drugs used by this route of administration. Dosage, frequency and technique of use are important factors that have influence in severity. Heroin itself (and impurities associated) can irritate nasal tissues and block it up.  It is recommendable to pulverize the substance to a very thin dust before sniffing. Do not use always the same nostril for sniffing, but alternate both. Sniffing straw should not point to nasal septum, but to nasal turbinates (lateral ) , where vascularization is greater and absorption better. Saline irrigation can be used several days (better using a syringe) twice a day. If these measures are not enough and blocking is permanent you should ask for doctor advice.

Each route of adminstration has its own pros and cons. For heroin, smoked is probably the safest and IV the most risky. A lethal intoxication with snorted heroin is possible if a high dosage is used. Heroin is active by oral route, but “”rush”” is little and effects less noticeable. The same is for morphine.

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