I had a very large session 3 weeks ago. Consumed 2grams of cocaine, 6-7 grams of mephedrone and 2 grams of MDMA, mostly snorting it. This was over a 2 day period.

During the period my nose was getting blocked, and I was using decongestant to unblock it, as well as cotton buds.

I have noticed after this session, my left nostril was bleeding. Now the graphic bit, which I’ll try to explain, Most normal bogeys lie in the large cavity of the nose (which can be picked out), however after this session, it feels like I have a blocked nose, but if I blow very hard and with a lot of wiggling, HUGE solid, blood soaked bogeys fly out, which have come from the actual nasal passage (unable to pick, too high).

It was been 3 weeks now and every morning I need to clear my nose out. I am worried I have bored my nasal passages wide open and mucus is collected in my nasal passage, and not in my nose like most people.



I regret I can´t give you help without a physical examination. If you have snorted 10 gr of substances in a 2 day period it is possible to have some permanent damage in your nasal cavity. You should seek a doctor´s help to verify if there is a problem or not


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