Are there anydangerous interactions between nitrous oxide and other drugs? especially i couldn’t find any info about if it dilates blood vessels and should be not used with other drugs that dilates or constricts blood vessels? (i am well aware of the interactions with psychedelics and how it affects the experience, i’m talking about psychical interactions)


There are not described cases of nitrous oxide interactions with other recreational drugs resulting in significant health problems. Problems with its use come primarily from a bad administration route or dosage. When used as an anaesthetic, nitrous is always administered in combination with oxygen. Nitrous oxide should never be used in a gas mask, plastic bag or other situations that can limit oxigen intake. Heavy and frequent nitrous use can deplete vitamin B12 in the body and lead to serious and unpleasant neurological problems. Headache, palpitations or nausea are possible adverse effects. Problems with vasoconstrion are theoreticaly possible but very uncommon in real life (at least using psychedelics that have been used widely in humans). Interactions with classical psychedelics like psilocibin or LSD should be very rare. Anyway I would advice against using it in combination with substances like DOB, bromo-dragonfly or NBOMEs

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