i have few questions:

1. i read that ibuprofen countereacts short memory problems with weed – but when and in what dosage shall it be ingested? day before? during trip? day after?

also can you elaborate on what exactly are problems with short term memory when using weed? is it only meaning that anything done during trip will be not remembered? or that you cannot recall recent things? or that during trip and SOME TIME AFTER there will be problems with remembering things? to sum up: what kind of problems are known and when do they occur?

2. is using ibuprofen everyday produce any side effects? is it bad idea to use ibuprofen with GBL or GHB?

3. GBL – besides risk of dependency, are there any other health risks, especially from long term using (let’s say two doses 1.3-1.5 ml in the evening for 3-4 days a week)? is there anything that shall be done when using GBL?

thanks again, i will make sure to send you some coins later today!

edit: i didn’t made it yesterday, but i wired you something for your time today!

one more question:

4. is is safe to suplement yourself with 5-HTP everyday? i use it for mood lift and to stabilize serotonine levels (i sometimes use drugs that affect it – of course i don’t use 5-HTP right before it) but was wondering if it is safe



1.- That is a myth based in some basic experiments on animals and cells. There is no proof that this works in humans. Acute use of cannabis leads to recent memory deficits (capacity for holding a small amount of information in mind in an active, readily available state for a short period of time). In daily cannabis users, the ability to learn and remember new concepts can be impaired, although this effect is in general of little magnitude and reversible after 2-4 weeks of abstinence. http://www.cmcr.ucsd.edu/images/pdfs/Grant_2003.pdf

2.- Daily use of ibuprofen can lead to adverse effects of this drug. Gastrointestinal issues (from disconfort to ulcer) are the most common. Simultaneous use of GBL or GHB should not give more problems.

3.-  There are not known long-time risks of GBL, besides of dependence potential, that is relatively high. GBL abstinence can be problematic, in a medical point of view

4.- It is safe, long and short adverse effects are mild in normal dosages. But there are no proofs of efficacy, neither


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